Amy: My First Couple of Weeks

The first two-and-a-half weeks flew by! This being my first time working in an office, the first few days were all about getting a feel for office life.¬†After hearing some horror stories from people about their terrible experiences working in offices, whether it be physically unpleasant working environments or unfriendly colleagues, I’m super excited to say I am not someone with a horror story to tell ūüôā Sitting at the second floor information desk, however, has its pros and cons. Everyone is super friendly and always says good morning with a smile on their faces as they pass by, which is fabulous. I love that I’m not greeted by grumpy people who hate their jobs every morning, because that really sets your day off on the wrong foot. But because this location is a bit of a high traffic area, people are always walking by and saying hello or stopping to chat, which in itself is both a pro and a con. I’ve developed a liking for my little area though, and it helps that I have Dianne to sit with. It’s great to have someone to ask “what’s their name again?” ūüėČ among other things, of course!

During the first week or so I met with my managers Laura and Chanchal to discuss  what I will be working on for the rest of the summer. Coming out of the meetings, the weeks ahead seemed a little daunting. There was a lot of new information, ideas and events ahead. Thankfully they also sent me meeting notes and a detailed list of things to do be done this summer, which helped a lot! It provided a better idea of which tasks were urgent, which tasks were actually quite simple, and which tasks required more planning. With a little time to process my next steps I was ready to go go go!

I won’t get into my projects¬†right now¬†as I will write about them throughout the summer, but I’m excited to get busy! So far everything has been going swimmingly.



One thought on “Amy: My First Couple of Weeks”

  1. Congrats Amy on your first few weeks here. I would’ve never guessed that this was your first office experience. I’m happy it is pleasant one for you. Really looking forward to hearing more from you guys as to what you have in store.

    PS. Next time, I’m at the 2nd floor reception, I’ll have to think to myself “am I the pro or the con for being here?” Haha.




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