Dianne: First Day Nerves

First days at any new job are always nerve racking. On my first day at DIVERSEcity I woke up and got ready to head out to Surrey, all the while my stomach was filled with butterflies. I arrived to the office building and my initial thought was how nice the office looked and how busy it was! The main front entrance was bustling with people and I had to wait a bit until I could catch the receptionist’s attention. However, I soon came to realize that there was no need to be nervous because my first day began with such a warm welcome from the entire company. During a quick tour of the office, I was introduced to every single employee that was working that day. All I could think was, “How the heck am I going to remember all of these names??” It felt a little overwhelming at first, but everyone was so friendly and happy to meet me that it made me want to get to know everyone. The rest of my orientation mainly focused on going through all the necessary paperwork and getting situated at my desk and setting up my computer. Since I am doing my internship for Human Resource Management, it was great to be a part of the orientation process and to see how the process works first hand. I also got to meet and interact with Cindy, the HR Manager, right off the bat, which was great since she will be my mentor for the rest of the summer.

Now I am a few weeks into my internship and I‘m still learning and taking it all in. The employees here definitely give off a feel of being a family and you can always see lots of smiles and hear lots of laughter in the office. I am happy to say that I have gotten much better with remembering everyone’s names and it helps that I sit right by the elevator so that everyone that walks in to the office first has to walk by me and say hello. It also helps that I have a great desk buddy who is also an intern here for the summer. “What’s his name again?” is something that has been commonly whispered back and forth between us. But we are getting better at it! I am definitely excited to see how the rest of my summer unfolds and I am ready to take in all the new challenges and opportunities the DIVERSEcity has to offer.


One thought on “Dianne: First Day Nerves”

  1. Very well said Dianne! Reading this reminded me of the days when I used to be in that exact same seat . Couple tips, I’d like to leave you with:
    1. Always carry sweets, you never know who will stop by and talk about how hungry they are.
    2. If you need quiet time, it’s always helpful to block your ledge with pretty flowers, or helpful flyers!
    3. Being there makes you a morning person! Every day someone will smile and say hello. I love it!

    Wish you guys all the best during your time here at DIVERSEcity.

    On behalf of Employment Services. John S.


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