Amy: Canada Day BBQ!


Last week we had a staff BBQ lunch for Canada Day. As someone new I was really excited to see everyone together as a whole, in a social environment.

It was the perfect day for a BBQ!

At 11:30 everyone who was interested was invited upstairs to the roof (yes we had a rooftop BBQ!) for the singing of O Canada. The coolest part was it was being sung in different languages.


Look at all these sweet people. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful, there is no better representation of Canadians! Visit our Facebook page to see the video here.

Dianne and I were stationed the door to hand out food tickets. Again, the perfect opportunity to learn names ^_^ Although after awhile all the names and faces blurred together… we have a lot of staff, okay?!

People had signed up for the type of burger and a time slot for when they wanted their food a few ago, but since many people came up for the O Canada singing, they also stayed to get their food tickets and lined up for food. This caused a bit of a bit of a kerfuffle because some people who did sign up for the first time slot weren’t able to get their food. Now we know for next time, people need to stick to their time slots. Lucky me was still able to get my veggie burger on time though 🙂


The main event of the day was a hat contest! A few of the participants really went all out and decked out their hats.

13639807_10156988139645417_521987289_o (2)

We had three lovely judges decide winners for the most original, prettiest, and funniest.


The winners were….

Congratulations ladies!

Everyone got to mingle a bit while having lunch and we finished off with some yummy cake.


It was a great time. I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Canada Day! Just a few more weeks until BC Day 😉


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