Dianne: A Day at DIVERSEcity

In the month that I have been at DIVERSEcity, I have found that no two days are the same. There are so many different departments, programs and specializations to learn about and there is always much to be planned and to take part in. Working as a Human Resources intern, my days tend to be filled with project work, meetings, training sessions and catch-ups with colleagues.

Good days start with coffee

9:00a     –      While there is no actual “typical day” I usually start by grabbing a coffee from the lunch room and reading emails that have come through from the previous evening. Once I am done replying to emails, I will update my to-do list and decide on what I aim to accomplish that day.

9:30a     –      I will typically begin with assisting Cindy, the HR manager, with any tasks that she has brought to my attention. This could be helping her with research, scheduling, or any other administrative tasks.

10:30a   –      One project that I am currently working on is assessing the professional development training of the Settlement and Community Programs staff. I came up with an idea to attain information from the staff on what their preferences are when it comes to training, so I created a short survey to be included in the training analysis booklets that would be distributed to the entire department.

Completed training booklets

11:00a   –      Part of this same project was to copy and print 25 booklets for all the staff. However, I had a bit of a printing mishap 😦 All of the printed pages did not sort properly, and in the end I had a HUGE stack of paper that went page 1,1,1,1,1 (25 times), then page 2,2,2,2,2 (another 25 times), and so on, all the way to page 55! What a pain! Luckily, I asked my desk buddy Amy to help me out. We booked a meeting room and spread the papers out over all of the desks and we were able to organize all the booklets pretty quickly. I will never make that mistake again!

12:00p   –      I prepared and organized the Wellness Committee binder by adding an updated members list and printing all recent email communications regarding Wellness related activities, such as the plans for an upcoming Lunch & Learn where a Holistic Nutritionist will be presenting!


12:30p   –      I have recently moved and I’m still in the process of unpacking, which has made it hard for me to pack my own lunches. Because of this, I will usually run out for my lunch, but not before checking the lunch room to see if anyone has brought any snacks or sweets to share (this is a pretty common thing here)!

1:00p     –      I got to sit in on the organization’s monthly Wellness Committee meeting. This committee promotes health and wellness within the company by holding events and activities that are fun and educational.

2:00p     –      I had a short meeting with Cindy where she showed me how the organization’s recruiting process works. I even got to help post few job openings!

3:30p     –      Time to go home! The days here are just whizzing by so fast and I am learning so much!


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