Introduce yourself!

Hello! My name is Kiran and I am coordinating the Child and Youth Empowerment Camps for the summer.  I also had the chance to coordinate the camps last summer and this spring.  I work with the Counselling Services team in the Achieving Balance for Children program and as an Intake Worker/Admin Assistant.  I will be completing my fourth year of the Child and Youth Care Counselling Bachelor’s degree.

What should I have for dinner tonight?

Hmm… Sushi is a favorite, so I would probably go with a spicy salmon roll with a side of spicy mayo!

What should I watch tonight?

Criminal Minds and Big Bang Theory are probably the two shows that I could keep watching over and over,  so I’d have to say if I was watching T.V tonight it would have to be one of the two shows (or both 😛 ).

What’s your favourite thing to do in the summer?

My favorite thing to do in the summer is spend time with my soon to be husband, family, and close friends! I love going for scenic drives, hiking, spending time at the beach or by the water, attending or hosting family gatherings and bbq’s! The good stuff 🙂

Where can I find you in 10 years?

Professionally in 10 years you can find me continuing my work within the community/social services field with a wider range of knowledge and experience.  I hope to have completed a Masters in Counselling Psychology and maybe even have my own practice.

Personally, in 10 years I will have started a family and will be enjoying the company of my partner, little one(s), two German Shepard’s, and a pet goat (Yes, a pet goat! They’re so adorable.)

How did you discover DIVERSEcity?

DIVERSEcity has been an organization that I have known about for some time as it close to my home.  I knew that this was a safe place for individuals who needed supports, and I always wanted to be a part of something that allowed me to do something for others.  When it came time for one of my 3 practicums, I knew that I wanted DIVERSEcity to be one of them.  Once I was onboard as a practicum student, I felt like I had a new family here at DIVERSEcity, and knew exactly why others in the community have such good things to say.