Introduce yourself!ev
My name is Dennis and I am a Settlement and Community Programs Support Worker. I
want to study nursing or maybe social work, but I’m not sure yet. When the time comes, I’ll know.

What are you having for dinner tonight?
I actually have an invitation from church tonight; it’s our Christmas celebration, so they will have a lot of food from different countries. I’m not sure what I’ll have but maybe chicken or turkey. I like trying new food, especially spicy food. A friend will be cooking something from Honduras, so I’ll definitely try what she makes.

What should I watch tonight?
Netflix!! There’s a TV series called No Tomorrow and it’s about enjoying life as if it was the last day on Earth. One of the characters has a theory that life on Earth will end in 8 months, so he has decides to quit his job, travel around the world and do everything he has on his bucket list before life ends.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the summer?
I love going to the beach. Next summer I’ll enjoy it a lot since I moved to Kitsilano last month – I actually live 2 blocks from the beach, so I’ll go every single day and just enjoy the sun and the sand.

Where can I find you in 10 years?
I’m not sure yet. Maybe graduated, with a lot of travel stamps on my passport, and with my family all together.

How did you discover DIVERSEcity?
A friend of mine is taking LINC classes here at DIVERSEcity and she always talked about how she enjoys going to class. She told me that she participated in one of the Community Kitchens workshops and had gone on a few field trips with her English classmates so it got my attention as a really nice place to be but I never imagined that I would end up working here. When my training at the YMCA ended, one of the facilitators encouraged me to network by calling and emailing several organizations. I was really nervous and didn’t want to make any calls but I’m glad I did. I called DIVERSEcity and they transferred me to my current manager’s direct line but she did not answer, I called again and asked for her email and wrote to her. Getting out of my comfort zone really helped, also being confident and positive helped me get the job.

Anything else I should know about you?
I like cooking, even though I’m not that good at it but at least I try. I like painting with oil paints and I want to learn French and learn how to play the piano.